Monday, March 16, 2009

Hanging Mini Blinds

That's exactly how I felt when DD and I were hanging mini blinds this morning!

You see, there is this 72" window in the bedroom of the old house that had broken mini-blinds that needed to be replaced so that I can get my full deposit back. I didn't want the landlady charging me $100 when I knew that I could get them for less than $25 and do it myself. Well, I thought I could do it myself. Why not? How hard could it be?

DD and I took off the old blinds. Took off the old brackets because wouldn't you know it they were a different size than the new ones. So, we put up the new brackets. Dropped the little screws I think about 8 times! Go up and down the stepladder to retrieve the screws. Try to put up the new mini-blinds. Try to open the new mini-blinds. Crash! Down they came. Try again, and again, and again. OK, when all else fails, let's read the directions. Hey, I always read the directions, but I tried to win it this time. WRONG MOVE! Read the directions. Moved the brackets to where they were SUPPOSED to be hung. Snapped the new mini-blinds in place and VOILA! They actually look like a professional did the job. onto the vertical blinds in the dining room.......Actually, after the bedroom mini-blinds, the vertical blinds were a piece of cake except that they were 104" long! And, I'm only 5 foot nothing!

Oh, and we took out the trusty glue gun and glued a knob back on the closet door. Secret weapon that glue gun of mine! Shhhh.....don't tell the landlady.

So, yes, we are still moving. It takes a LONG time when you move all the boxes in a Chevy Malibu trunk. I think we have two more loads and then we'll be done. And, it's a good thing because DD's teenage attitude is beginning to show.

P.S. Because I know that at least one person that is related to me is going to ask if that is Bently....No, it's not.....I don't know whose cat that is. I "borrowed" the picture from Google Images. (It's not our window either.)

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