Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What? Another Wordless Month?

I really do have a good reason for the lack of posting.



Wanna see?

This nasty little rash on the back of my right arm is SHINGLES! Yuck! Ouch! And, DOUBLE OUCH!!!!

I've been sick and in pain for 3 weeks with this awful crud which is actually Chicken Pox come back to life a hundred years after the first round. OK, not really a hundred years, but it has been well over 30 years since I had the chicken pox.

The rash covers just a small area, but it's ugly. It itches. It's annoying. But most of just plain HURTS! And, it hurts well beyond the area of the we're talking my whole arm. Plus, it's made me VERY sensitive to light causing HORRIBLE headaches (and I don't usually get headaches). Even the light from my computer screen causes pain....which is a BAD thing considering I'm a "virtual" school teacher. I turned the brightness down on my monitors, but that didn't help much. I had to resort to wearing sunglasses over my reading glasses just to work.

See.....Ain't it pretty? NOT!

What? I'm smiling? Yep, what else can I do? DD says that she doesn't hear me complaining about the pain very much, but what good would it actually do for me to complain. It sure as heck wouldn't make it go away. So, I just smile.......

And, sleep......Well, there isn't much of that happening. The doctor gave me Prednisone for the rash and it's keeping me up. UGH!

Speaking of the doctor.......She says this could go on for a couple of months. A COUPLE OF MONTHS!!!!! It could literally be Thanksgiving or *gasp* Christmas before I'm finished with this mess.

Let me tell you, "There ain't enough Calgon in the world to take me away from all this, but I sure wish there were."

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