Thursday, January 14, 2010


Gone again, gone again, jiggitty jig.......

Yes, I've been MIA AGAIN! I do have another REALLY good reason though.

My photo editing program (or whatever it's called) won't load pictures from my camera to the dumputer, and I don't like blog posts without pictures so I haven't done any blog posts since the thing went kaput.

I need to uninstall the software and reinstall it to see if that will solve the problem. BUT....before I do that, I need to save all of the some-odd thousand pictures that are on the program and put them on CD's so that just in case everything disappears, I will still have access to my pictures. Therein lies another problem........It takes FOREVER! Well, not really forever, but it just seems like it.

My goal is to have this whole thing taken care of by the end of January. However, it is face to face meeting time, and the end of the 1st semester, and report card I'm not saying January of which year. teeheehee

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