Monday, January 19, 2009

Move That Bus!!!!!!!

We DID make it back to the site of Extreme Home Makeover. Thursday we took the afternoon off and went to see them "Move That Bus".

We rode the bus again from the Convention Center to the homesite. The bus was packed! But, everyone was happy and smiling. Even the lady who's cut in half in this picture who lived by the worksite, but they wouldn't let her walk in. She had to drive to the Convention Center and come back on the bus to see everything.

Before we even got off the bus, we could see the crowd. There were so many people there. I even saw one of my students there. Oops! Teacher got caught playing hooky.

We were in the front row, but not right in front of the house this time. We were about 3 houses down the street. We weren't able to see the close up stuff at the house, but at least we were there and got to experience the whole thing. We'll see the up close stuff on TV anyway.

DD and I made a sign to hold up (hoping that would get us on camera). I chose the flourescent yellow color because I thought it would be the most "eye-catching". Here is DD holding the sign and showing both sides (wish I could "move that porta-potty", but it is what it is).

Being that there is a TV show being filmed during this whole process, things get done a little out of order. The crowd shots for the family coming home in the limo and "Move that Bus" are shot a couple hours before the family even arrives. Here is the empty limo (although we didn't know that at the time):

There was a LOT of standing around. The crowd went wild every time there was a hint that the family was coming or that Ty was spotted on the scene. Here he is going over his lines:

and with Didiayer:

The family was scheduled to arrive between 2 - 3, but actually drove down the street at 4:00 p.m. We all cheered and shouted and waved our signs. It was LOUD! As soon as the limo passed us, the crowd moved right in and followed it towards the house. DD and I were behind a little baracade and couldn't join in on that.

There are several times that we MAY show up on the TV show (crowd shots of the limo coming down the street and move that bus, and then when Ty runs past giving high fives to the crowd). Yes, we did get a high five. Well, I got more of a sideways one (He hit my finger) and he missed DD's hand completely.

And, finally, here is the family as they unlock the door to their new house:

Hey, you know the bus>

Yeh, that one. Well, on Monday afternoon, DD and I saw that very bus parked in the downtown metropolis of our tiny little town. It was parked in front of the thrift store and across the street from the one and only market. Wonder if our podunk village is going to be on national TV?

Well, you know where we'll be at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 8th. Watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition! Check it out!

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