Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monterey/Carmel Day Trip

We went to Monterey and Carmel on Saturday. It was a gorgeous, sunny and warm day, kind of unusual for that area. Love it, beach, sand, and sun. Love the smell of the ocean, the crashing of the waves. Great day! But.........a true "Carol" trip would never be complete without some kind of mishap. Luckily, this one happend BEFORE we got on the road.

We went to the casino for dinner Friday night (yummy omelettes!), and when we came out to the car, there was a flat tire. Looking on the bright side.....it didn't happen on the road, at night with no lights, in the middle of a rainstorm. It happened in the parking garage with bright lights and a roof over our heads. After 20 minues, we were on the road with this stylin' spare tire.

So...our first stop on the trip to Monterey on Saturday morning was to the tire shop.

And, of course, I get questioned, "Why are you taking a picture of the tire shop?" My answer, "I'm writing a book." That usually stops the questions......

Next stop on our adventure......the side of the road to set the GPS system. I don't know why one needs a GPS system to get to a place they've driven to at least 500 times before, but hey, it was another great photo opportunity for me.

Next stop...I think it was Jack in the Box. Not for me....I ate a wholesome oatmeal breakfast at home before leaving, and packed good snacks for munching in the car. I'm no novice when it comes to road trips. I come prepared. (But, no bananas allowed in the car. Don't want a repeat of that Reno incident. - Joke for those who were there and know what I'm talking about.)

We drove into Carmel the backway (known only to locals) to avoid the traffic jams on the main highway. We past so many quaint little beach cottages. So cute! Oh, and we drove past Clint Eastwood's house as well. I couldn't see the house because of the gate and the trees, but I did see he has a nice car. We walked through the Plaza (I think that's what it's called). A bunch of little shops. The best (for me at least) was the toy shop because I found a gross kid's book about bodily functions that apparently only I could appreciate. I have no idea what else the store had because I read the book while others browsed. We did not spend enough time browsing through the shops because one of our entourage was having an "I need to eat" meltdown. On the way to eat lunch, we did however drive along the ocean looking at some not-so-quaint oceanfront homes with spectacular views of the water.

On to lunch at El Torrito's in Monterey. The portion sizes were tiny. I mean REALLY tiny. But, it's right on the water and the view is spectacular. Here's the view form our table.

After our late lunch, we were off to do some antique shopping. Shopping, that's all we ever do at antique stores. Never buying. We save the buying for the thrift stores were we usually find lots of treasures. No thrift stores today though.

After antiquing, we went to a BBQ. And, then a late night drive home. Sounds like we did a lot of eating, but really we didn't considering that we were gone from early morning until nearly midnight. All in all, a very nice trip.

Can't wait to see what our next adventure holds for us as we head off to Utah sometime during Spring Break.

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