Friday, June 25, 2010

New Camera = Trip to Yosemite

I got a new camera for an early birthday present so decided to head to Yosemite for a photo shoot to try it out. Mind you that was nearly three weeks ago and I'm just now putting the pictures on my blog for all to see. Why? Because I had to finish the Utah Road Trip posts first, of course.

The waterfalls were amazing. Snowfall late in the year makes for late snow melt, lucky us. The water was roaring over the cliffs, even over some of the trails. We got soaked, and it was AWESOME!

Have to share this picture of DD. Isn't it great? She's sitting on top of the bridge at the bottom of Bridalveil Falls.

Got several shots of some beautiful flowers. Too bad I don't know what kind they are.

Hey, DSis! Look! We made it to Mirror Lake this time!

But, it was WAY too cold and the water was moving WAY too fast so we didn't go swimming on this trip.

Next, we drove to Glacier Point.

It was a crowded place on this fine June day.

From here, you can look straight across to the top of Half Dome.

And, it is BIG!

After seeing it from this angle, DD has decided that she doesn't want to climb it afterall.

Here's the view of Yosemite Falls from this point:

And, here's what the Valley floor looks like from up there:

It is a L-O-N-G W-A-Y D-O-W-N!

I could not watch anybody else get close to the edge. I kept having visions of them going over the side, my grabbing their legs to rescue them and both of us tumbling down - down - down.

That's it from this trip to Yosemite. But, now we have a pass so I'm sure there will be many more during the next year.

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