Friday, July 2, 2010

Mini Freezer Cooking Session

Today I did a mini freezer cooking session. No, I didn't cook a mini freezer. It's cooking and preparing things ahead of time to keep in the freezer for easy meals on busy days.

I started doing this type of thing about 15 years ago when DD was a whiney, crying, demanding baby. Thankfully she's grown out of that!

My session today consisted of:
- Making burger patties for hamburgers (for the BBQ)
- Browning ground beef for various recipes
- Making meatballs (Yummy!)
- 2 packs of Tangy Orange Chicken (for the BBQ)
- 2 packs of Teriyaki Chicken (for the BBQ)
- 2 packs of plain chicken for seasoning later with Pappy's or to cook up in the crockpot with mexican seasoning for chicken tacos
- Double batch of spaghetti sauce cooking right now in the crock pot (some of that will be for tonight's dinner along with a few meatballs)

So much better than last summer's meals of rice and beans! What a difference a year makes!

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