Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wanna See What We Got?

On Friday, we got a new toy for our Bearded Kitty.

Isn't he the cutest!?!?

He was adopted from in front of Von's. We've wanted a Tiger kitty for a long time and now we have one.

In these pictures, he actually looks big, but he's hiding under the bed and I'm laying flat on the floor so that gives you kind of an idea of how small he really is. Compared to Bearded Kitty OH MY!

Speaking of Bearded Kitty. How does he like his new toy? Well, he was a little apprehensive for the first few minutes......

But, they are becoming fast friends. They chase each other up and down the hallway and tumble around and wrestle and just have a good ole time. Yes, I think Bearded Kitty quite likes his new buddy!

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