Friday, July 10, 2009

A New Entry Table

Well, those who know me well have seen me make something from nothing (or at least from what I have on hand without spending any money) for years and this is no exeption.

I wanted a table for the entryway, but I didn't have any money to purchase anything. I also needed some additional storage for craft items.

Brainstorm, search the web and read some blogs for inspiration, shop the garage and find:

Canvas painter's dropcloth~

And my childhood desk~

Next step, get DD to help me carry the desk up the stairs which is quite a chore as neither of us are weightlifters or bodybuilders with muscles or anything like that.

Then, iron the dropcloth. (WOW! There is a LOT of fabric in a dropcloth and it's thick fabric at that!)

Drape the dropcloth over the desk, add a few accessories and this is how it looks

I LOVE IT! Perfect height, perfect size, perfect price! (And, look at all that hidden storage I have underneath it all.)

For more ideas on how to use a canvas painter's dropcloth for everything besides painting check out A Little Dropcloth at Ask Kari and Kijsa.

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