Thursday, July 16, 2009

Office with a View!

DD and I have been sharing an office/classroom for the past two years, first in the old house and then again when we moved here. We have had a lot of good times working side by side, but.......all good things must come to an end.

You's like this. I gave her the master bedroom in our new pad for a couple reasons:

1 - It's a big room, and she has more stuff than I do.
2 - It has the attached bathroom where the kitty litter box is and it stinks. (Mean mom that I am, but hey, I outrank her and her nose isn't as sensitive as mine is.)

We needed to be in the same room for school because we both had to be on the internet at the same time throughout the day(me for work and DD for classes). We didn't have a wireless router so we had to both be in the room where the hookup was located. With DD's move to high school and move to a different home schooling program, she no longer has a school computer so she doesn't need to be on the internet during the day any longer. That was a long winded way of getting to the reason that she has now moved her school desk and bookcase into her room. She has her own space for school now.

AND (drumroll please)

I have my OWN OFFICE!!!! And, it comes with a VIEW!

I used to look at this:

Nice with the cute gingham covered bulletin board and all, but not really that great to look at all day long.

I moved my desk/tables and bookcases around to look like this (excuse the mess, I'm not finished yet):

And, now look at my view!:

Ain't it perty? Much better, don't you think?

The rest of the room is an absolute disaster waiting for the cleaning fairy to come and do her magic so it looks like this.

Just keepin' it real folks. Didn't want you to get TOO jealous of my new space! Now, anyone wanna come help me finish?

P.S. Tomorrow is DD's 14th birthday, and we'll be off bright and early for a day in Yosemite!

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