Friday, August 14, 2009

"I Can't Believe It!" Day

Today is a day full of "I Can't Believe It" moments.

Moment #1 - I can't believe it.....Today is the last day of my summer break already. I start back to work on Monday. (Need the money, but don't need the work - I'm sure you can relate. OR If you can't relate, at least you know what I mean, right?)

Moment #2 - I can't believe it....In addition to losing 10 weeks of income due to the state budget crisis, I'm now not getting my child support either. It seems that although the money very well may be sitting there in the state's account, the workers at Child Support Services were forced to take mandatory unpaid days off (furloughs) as well......SO, they are way behind on processing all the disbursements of payments. Now, while the state is making interest on all that money waiting to be sent to the proper accounts, lots of custodial parents and their children are going without. Thank you very much State of California!

Moment #3 - I can't believe it.....My bed, my actual bed, is pictured on The Nester's blog. What you don't know who The Nester is? She's only one of the most famous of all bloggers in blogland. She has a fabulous blog in which she tells all about how she turns her family's houses into homes. Yes, I did say houses. Not because she is super wealthy and has a residence in every state, but because she moves. She moves A LOT. So, she has wonderful ideas on how to spruce up a home, a rental home at that, which you may or may not know that you cannot do any permanent changes to for fear of the dreaded landlord having a fit. Anyway, MY bed is pictured on her blog. Wanna see it? Click here.

Well, it's not actually MY bed, the one that I lay my pretty head down in each night, but it is EXACTLY like my bed. I can't wait to see what she has planned for it in her new bedroom (they recently moved again). I'm sure I'll get some inspiration (aka ideas to steal).

Moment #4 - I can't believe it! My DD, My baby girl, My Buggerboo, is starting high school on Monday. How did that happen? She's only in 3rd grade and still wears cute little Gymboree clothes!

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