Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Grand Performance


That's how DD's 1st concert performing with the Community Band was last Sunday afternoon. Fabulous!

It was held in the theater at the local high school. They played everything from Beethoven to Glenn Miller. And, they were GOOD!!!!! It was like going to the philharmonic or the symphony (only without the string section). They even got standing ovations. It's a long way from Mary Had A Little Lamb that was played at the Elementary and Middle School band concert held last year. That's For Sure!

And, at intermission, there was all sorts of goodies (cookies, brownies, etc.). YUMMY!

Now, the band is taking a 3 week break from rehearsals, and DD is beyond SAD. She had to turn in her music after the concert. She has been going through the music that she has here, and she says it's all WAY TOO EASY. She is counting the days until she gets to go to band again and get the new songs that they will be playing for the summer concert in June.

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