Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Library Shelf

WHAT? Two posts in one day? I'm bored........ Not really. I don't get bored. I'm just taking a break from cleaning and working (yes, on the weekend). AND, I haven't posted here since last month and that's just not right.

I finished reading "Amazing Grace" by Danielle Steel last night. It's written in typical Danielle Steel fashion. (I never noticed before that she ends a lot of sentences with prepositions, and she has several misplaced modifiers. Hmmmmm....she'd better speak to her proofreader about that. - Can you tell that DD and I have been working on Grammar lately?)

Anyway, this is the story about what happens in the lives of 4 people who were at the same benefit concert during an earthquake. They all now share the unique bond of those who go through a catastrophic event together. It follows each of them through the year that follows the quake, through their triumphs and struggles.

A nice, easy read.

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