Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh, It's Sew Cute!

In addition to my regular crazy life, I've been busy sewing. Creating is what keeps me sane (although my sanity is sometimes questionable :) )

Sir Bearded Kitty, DD's precious cat, got ahold of my purse so I needed a new one. Look what I made:

Oh, It's Sew Cute!!!! (Yes, I know that's not the correct "sew". It's a play on words for our Etsy shop.) I got the pattern from one of my all-time favorite websites, LOVE that site!

I also made these placemats. They have a built in pocket to put your silverware in:

And, I did some embroidery:

All of my latest creations are now available in our etsy shop at . Well, everything except for the purse - that's ALL MINE!

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